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The realisation of construction and infrastructure projects as well as the solution of environmental problems in a complex environment requires interdisciplinary and anticipatory thinking and acting.
We believe in the innovative application of knowledge and experience, in order to ensure the qualitative and economic success of the tasks assigned to us to the advantage of our clients and our environment.
Considering the principles of effective development in the construction of buildings does not only reduce environmental impacts, but our clients also profit from reduced long term costs, higher efficiency, and increased acceptance in public.

Company History

Our company may claim to date back to 1919, when founded as consulting engineering practice by Buchleitner & Krieger. One of the main tasks in this time was to provide a modern infrastructure for supplying the population in the city and federal country of Salzburg, and also to provide clean potable water.
The association of the consulting engineers Schüffl & Forsthuber has existed under this name since 1970.
Today we belong to the biggest engineering practices in Salzburg and also in Austria, where we execute projects in different fields with an annual investment sum of more than 40 Mio. EUR. In the course of the decades our scope of services has changed considerably and our clients´ expectations have increased accordingly.

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